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Shoplette Reloaded!

We’ve been pretty quiet on the development front for a while, largely because we’ve been working on a revamp of Shoplette‘s user interface and Shop-related features over the past month. We’re now happy to announce the relaunch of Shoplette with a spanking new interface that’s more fun and easier to use.

Shoplette's New Look

The new interface features an easy-to-use “Show me” navigation widget in the right-hand column that brings you to all our shopping feeds, as well as related shopping information when you’re looking at shopping locations and items. The new gallery also simplifies everything and lets you focus on what you’re really interested in – what other people bought and where they bought it.

Special thanks to our friends Andy Croll at Deepcalm and Stuart Wason at Headspace for their invaluable help and advice in our revamp.

We’ll also be releasing a new set of shop-related features very soon, so look out for it!

In the meantime, please explore our new look!

Talk to us: What do you think of our new look?

Muji Labo Long-sleeved Top

Trendspotting on Shoplette: Muji Labo Long-sleeved Top

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Muji Labo brown long-sleeved top – Labo is a new line of clothing by Muji, experimenting with new materials, cuts and details. It feels really nice! from Muji, Paragon, Singapore
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Muji Labo is a new clothing line by Muji, experimenting with new fabrics, cuts and details. Check them out at Muji stores today!

Incredibly Stylish

Hats off to Paul Christopher of Plussixfive for spotting this incredibly stylish camera case for the Canon G Series, designed by Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro. How often do you come across a camera case you’d be happy to carry around, with or without the camera?


Trendspotting on Shoplette: Fedoras – in or out? We’re inclined to say “in”…

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Two fedoras from -, Jakarta, Indonesia
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Retro Casio Digital Watches

Trendspotting on Shoplette: More on the retro theme – Casio digital watches never get old, do they? Looks like Bras Basah Complex is a great place to find retro watch bargains in Singapore.

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casio! we love casio!!! from old watch shop, bras basah complex, Singapore
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MANGO Sale Has Started!


A quick shopping bulletin for shoppers in Singapore:

(A little early, we thought?)

Up to 50% off at Shaw House and their other outlets. Don’t miss the bargains!

Here are some great buys from the previous seasons by our community of shoppers.

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Black Skirt with mauve polkadots from Mango, Takashimaya, Singapore
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Long lace dress from Mango, Shaw Centre, Singapore
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Black and white wedges. Love the design on the side of these shoes. from Mango, Isetan Scotts, Singapore
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A public service announcement brought to you by Shoplette.

Shoplette Featured on

Thanks to Techgoondu for a great write-up on Shoplette today!

“The idea: you spot a pair of pink hello kitty slippers in a boutique mall in Japan’s trendy Shinjuku shopping district to die for, and you want to let all your friends know. You whip out your phone, snap it, and upload it where all your friends can goggle over your latest purchase. Except that with Shoplette (beta), the whole world can find out what and where you like to shop.”

From: Shoplette: Singapore’s shopping twitter,, 12 Dec 08

The “twitter for shopping” moniker is definitely growing on us! We’re currently working hard on some new improvements on the service and will be releasing new updates in January 09. Look out for it!

Shopper’s Guide to Surviving the Xmas Season

Wallets are a little tighter this Christmas Season, so Lifehacker’s come out with a great guide to online deal finders. They’re all a little different from Shoplette, which provides “shopping intelligence from the crowd” by helping you find out where people bought great stuff, but for the savvy shopper, the more options the better, eh?

Lifehacker’s Savvy Shopper’s Guide

What do you use to find great deals online?

Vintage Bags

Trendspotting on Shoplette: You can’t fault vintage bags for bringing some old world charm to a new world wardrobe. This one’s a unique little number from Malaysia.

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Vintage BAG from oldblossombox, Shah Alam, Malaysia
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Tokidoki Shoulder Bag

Trendspotting on Shoplette: Character-printed shoulder bags bring cheer to the Christmas season. This one’s a Tokidoki!

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tokidoki Carnival Carezza Shoulder Bag bidded on ebay from ebay, Malaysia
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