Long-lived Franchises


Talk about a long-lived franchise! I’m not referring to the Gundam franchise, although that’s been around for about 30 years now. I’m talking about 三国演义 (pinyin: sānguó yǎnyì), or Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a classic piece of Chinese historical literature written in the 14th century, making it 700 years old and still going strong!

The figure in question above is a character from BB Senshi Sangokuden, a new anime and toy series by Bandai/Sunrise, the makers of Gundam, mashing up one of its own franchises, SD Gundam (Super Deformed Gundam, or mecha expressed in cute, squashed propotions) with the story line and characters from the classic Chinese novel.

That’s intellectual property from 700 years ago (incidentally, depicting historical events from about 1,800 years ago) still getting remixed today. Eat your heart out, Mickey Mouse!

Are we still creating IP legacies that will last for millenia?


One response to “Long-lived Franchises

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