Retro Casio Digital Watches

Trendspotting on Shoplette: More on the retro theme – Casio digital watches never get old, do they? Looks like Bras Basah Complex is a great place to find retro watch bargains in Singapore.

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casio! we love casio!!! from old watch shop, bras basah complex, Singapore
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4 responses to “Retro Casio Digital Watches

  1. Oh..
    Retro Casio Digital Watches

  2. manjunath k m

    i want know weather for this type of watch get the band

  3. I would like to wear that particular watch.what should I do?…or where can I find it?

  4. Atomic watches are today’s state of the art. When buying one should carefulle check the the change of time zone can be changed easily. Also, a weekdat window should be provided. Solar or non-solar is less important. Submitted by

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