Sharing Experiences

One of Mobrick’s central philosophies is about sharing experiences around people’s passions. That reflects the kinds of community platforms, crowdsourcing sites and social networks that we build. Given that, we came across an interesting quote in relation to the photographer, Ansel Adams, today.

It is probably correct to say that we can describe an idea more precisely than we can an experience. Perhaps experience itself cannot really be described, and to distract attention from this fact we retreat to metaphor, and say that the dawn came up like thunder or that the fog crept in on little cat’s feet. The simplest and most common experience – the taste of water, let us say – has not yet been communicated in words or pictures, and most of us probably do not expect this breakthrough soon. Yet we might agree that our arts are at bottom an effort to do this – to give objective form not to our ideas but to our visceral knowledge.

From “Ansel Adams at 100” by John Szarkowski

So one way we look at our challenge is how to find meaningful ways for people to share experiences in more than the usual “status update”. That’s what makes this journey interesting for us.


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