Shoplette Reloaded!

We’ve been pretty quiet on the development front for a while, largely because we’ve been working on a revamp of Shoplette‘s user interface and Shop-related features over the past month. We’re now happy to announce the relaunch of Shoplette with a spanking new interface that’s more fun and easier to use.

Shoplette's New Look

The new interface features an easy-to-use “Show me” navigation widget in the right-hand column that brings you to all our shopping feeds, as well as related shopping information when you’re looking at shopping locations and items. The new gallery also simplifies everything and lets you focus on what you’re really interested in – what other people bought and where they bought it.

Special thanks to our friends Andy Croll at Deepcalm and Stuart Wason at Headspace for their invaluable help and advice in our revamp.

We’ll also be releasing a new set of shop-related features very soon, so look out for it!

In the meantime, please explore our new look!

Talk to us: What do you think of our new look?


3 responses to “Shoplette Reloaded!

  1. Eh, you didnt put any links to shoplette here?
    So, like i am selling indie designer T-shirts now, can i possibly use this, together with my webshop too?

  2. @fupper: Oops! Thanks for spotting that! Just inserted the links. 🙂 Yes, you can definitely use Shoplette together with your webshop to sell your t-shirts. Just open a shop on Shoplette using the “Open Shop” link at the top of the page. That will get you started with a shopfront on Shoplette.

  3. Hi,
    I like offer some suggestions
    1) A tooltip that displays the pricing and full item title as the mouse hover the image in the items listing will be useful.

    2) Allow the user to upload image of location (building & shop) where they purchase the item ? Allow linking of these images because shopper will likely to buy items from same shop.

    3) In the item detail, bold and enlarge the pricing as it is more prominent, and allows conversion to different currency from a drop down list of Currency. eg All cur rate to US
    Singapore Dollars – SGD (0.74)
    Useful from those tourist who come to Singapore/ or Singapore to know cost of item from other countries.

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