Are these the new crocs?

Trendspotting on Shoplette – Lofu shoes: The new Crocs?

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Lofu Sophie shoes in red from Starthreesixty, Paragon, Singapore
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Lofu Sophie shoes – made of Crocs-like cellulose foam material, but way trendier! These are the women’s versions, and they have men’s versions too. You can check them out here.


4 responses to “Are these the new crocs?

  1. Wow the shoes is pretty nice. I like the color and the pattern of the shoes 🙂

  2. Nice shoes. I wonder is there a baby version of it.

  3. Hi from a fellow entrepreneur! check out US brand Terra Plana’s shoes — they’re not the new Crocs cos they’re super high-quality, but they could be the new Campers.

    Regional distributors Islandsoul just opened a pilot store at Haji Lane, very cool stuff. All made from sustainable materials, too.

  4. LOVE them – where can i get mine!

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