Sony’s Beautiful 8″ Notebook

This is by far the most beautiful mini notebook I’ve seen to date. Sony’s done an incredible design job with it’s new P series notebooks that fit in your pocket.

It’s a tough call between the P series at SGD 1,299 and the Asus Eee PC 901 at SGD 628, or even the Eee PC 900 at SGD 488 (latest prices on 12 Jan 09) if you don’t mind the non-atom processor.

Here’s my take:

If you’re after style, specs and super-portability, I think the P series wins it, so get ready to hand over SGD 1.3k and stuff a tiny notebook into the back pocket of your jeans.

if you’re on a budget and looking for a netbook to travel with, that you’ll be less afraid to bump around, bring to dodgier parts of the world, possibly drop and maybe even lose while travelling, then the Eee PC will burn a smaller hole in your pocket for your carelessness, and it might actually mean you’ll bring it around more and get more use out of it.

But the Sony is so much more beautiful, and we’re just going to end up buying that, aren’t we?…


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