Ushering in the Lunar New Year with…

Wipeout 2097!

Quite possibly the best designed Playstation game in history? With graphic design by The Designers Republic and adrenaline-pumping soundtrack featuring Future Sound of London, Fluke, Chemical Brothers, Underworld and Prodigy, it’s a visual and aural feast even in today’s HD, surround-sound video game world. Sure, the graphics look pixelated and the colours unshaded today (I’m talking about the Playstation 1 version), but in no other game have I experienced the same adrenaline rush and thumb-ache from speeding through hairpin race tracks and harassing opponents with mines and missiles. I actually think it’s better than later versions of the Wipeout line.

Polygons? Textures? Shading? Bah… Clever Psygnosis, for figuring out what really matters in a racing game – good design, great soundtrack, and lots of speed.


One response to “Ushering in the Lunar New Year with…

  1. Bradley seven

    I COULDNT AGREE MORE!!! You got that down 100% right in my humble opinion. FLY ON PILOT

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