Welcome to Zinerepublic! Viva La Revolucion!

So what’ve we been doing all this while, coding away in a little corner and reading irreverent manga for entertainment? Here we go!…

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new online zine publishing platform, Zinerepublic, and would love to count on your support and participation.

Zinerepublic is our attempt at a revolution aimed at democratizing magazine publishing. We believe that magazine publishing – from article sourcing and content generation, to editing, assembling and publishing issues, to subscription and distribution – should be open to everyone, so we’ve created tools to make it easier.

Zinerepublic is an easy way to create and distribute your own crowdsourced zine. On Zinerepublic, anyone can be a reader, writer and editor, create your own zine out of your own and other users’ articles, and submit articles that other editors might like to use in their zines.

We’ve just released a public version (is this an alpha or a beta? It’s our first incarnation – call it whatever you want) and would like to invite you to try it out by checking out the zines, creating your own zine, contributing articles, and giving us feedback on what you think about the site.

Please check out our new site here:


and sign up for a new account by clicking “Join”. Then give it a spin – start posting some articles and creating your own zine.

For inspiration, here are some zines that users have already started creating on the site:

The Little Arts Academy’s Magazine – A lovely cooking zine with the yummiest dessert recipes you’ll be dying to try (and eat).
Half Flat – A stunning art zine featuring the works of four groundbreaking illustrators based in Singapore.
Graff spotting – A globe-trotting graffiti zine about graffiti and street art sightings all over the world.

Enjoy the zines, have fun creating your own, and Viva La Revolucion!


2 responses to “Welcome to Zinerepublic! Viva La Revolucion!

  1. Crazy cool! DIY magazine publishing. I’m sure the creative industry will love this. One suggestion: turn on shadow/outline for fonts. A lot easier to read on graphics.

  2. @Benjamin Koe – Thanks Ben! Good suggestion!

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