Shoplette is now your crowdsourced shopping guide

If you visit Shoplette today, you’ll notice a few changes to the site.

Your crowdsourced shopping guide

We’ve converted Shoplette into a crowdsourced shopping guide featuring products the community think are hot, that they’re craving for, or that they’ve bought. To participate, you’re no longer limited to posting something you bought. You can now suggest cool products that you like or that you’ve spotted by clicking “Suggest a product”, adding a title and photo, and telling us where you found it. So now you can create your own crowdsourced shopping guide by suggesting cool products and places to shop, and following other users’ shopping suggestions.

New new look

New new look!

We’ve made everything cleaner with a bigger product gallery, so that you can focus on what you really want to see – more great products and where to find them. We’ve done the same thing for Shoplette Shops, so that the product catalogues are more focused on the Shops’ products. We hope that will make your browsing experience more enjoyable on Shoplette.

You can check out the new Shoplette here:

Please enjoy the new changes to Shoplette! And feel free to drop us a comment or email to tell us what you think.

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