New on Zinerepublic – 13 Apr 09

Check out these new issues out on Zinerepublic’s zine rack!

Claudia Talks #1: Musings by Claudia Lim

Soch & The City #1: Movie reviews 09, the year so far

Kick It, Stick It #1: Clash poetry

The Little Arts Academy’s Magazine #2: Latest recipes from the LAA

Graff spotting #2: Graffiti spotting around the world

Jack’s #2: Poetry and prose in the spirit of the2ndrule

You can subscribe to these zines by logging into Zinerepublic or joining as a member and clicking “Subscribe” on the issue’s page. By subscribing, you’ll be sent an email whenever a new issue of the zine is published, and you can unsubscribe anytime. Handy, eh?

Please enjoy the zines!

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