Introducing the Superlist for Backpocket

We’ve just released a new version of our Backpack iPhone client, Backpocket, available on the iTunes app store for $1.99.

In this new version, we’ve added a new feature called the Superlist, which lets users put all their “starred” list items from different lists and pages into a single list so that they can see and update all their important, immediate or “do today” list items in one place. Superlist – Superconvenient!

The feature wasn’t available on Backpack, so we decided to build it into our app because it’s something we really wanted to have on top of 37signals’ already awesome web app.

About Backpocket:

Backpocket is an iPhone app that helps 37signals Backpack users access their Backpack accounts on the go with a consistent and intuitive interface that focuses on the features they use the most while on the go.

Easily access your Backpack account to create and edit pages, notes and lists on the go. Backpocket lets you manage multiple Backpack accounts and supports offline editing so you can work offline and sync your changes later. We’ll also be adding support for additional features in future.

Please check it out at

One response to “Introducing the Superlist for Backpocket

  1. taconsolacion1

    Hi. I’m a user of Backpocket. Lately I invoked the verification code process to validate my logins in 37signals’ backpackit service. But now I can’t login on Backpocket. How do I do this? Thanks.

    Tom Consolacion

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