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New design for Common Totes

Sorry we haven’t posted updates for a long while. We’ve mostly been caught up brewing up stuff at Mobrick. The past year saw us busy with consulting work, building custom websites for clients, and working on our own websites and experiments.

One thing we did recently was revamp our Common Totes design and user interface, mostly cleaning it up, removing clutter, simplifying the user experience and bringing the online shop upfront. Here’s how it looks now.

We like how it turned out, but we’ll keep iterating for sure. Let us know what you think.

And yes, we’re offering free shipping to Singapore and Malaysia, if you’d like to pick up a tote for yourself. 🙂

Ushering in the Lunar New Year with…

Wipeout 2097!

Quite possibly the best designed Playstation game in history? With graphic design by The Designers Republic and adrenaline-pumping soundtrack featuring Future Sound of London, Fluke, Chemical Brothers, Underworld and Prodigy, it’s a visual and aural feast even in today’s HD, surround-sound video game world. Sure, the graphics look pixelated and the colours unshaded today (I’m talking about the Playstation 1 version), but in no other game have I experienced the same adrenaline rush and thumb-ache from speeding through hairpin race tracks and harassing opponents with mines and missiles. I actually think it’s better than later versions of the Wipeout line.

Polygons? Textures? Shading? Bah… Clever Psygnosis, for figuring out what really matters in a racing game – good design, great soundtrack, and lots of speed.