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Saint Young Men

Here’s a new manga we recently discovered that’s cracking us up and keeping us sane during our development crunch. You’ve got to love the premise:

“Having survived the end of another millenium, Buddha and Jesus are now taking a break on Earth, where they share an apartment.”

Saint Young Men Official manga site (Japanese)

Translations (until the English version is available on the shelves) here and here.

Is it only in Japan that we find such natural and unforced religious tolerance? Or do they just have a better sense of humour than the rest of the world?

Ushering in the Lunar New Year with…

Wipeout 2097!

Quite possibly the best designed Playstation game in history? With graphic design by The Designers Republic and adrenaline-pumping soundtrack featuring Future Sound of London, Fluke, Chemical Brothers, Underworld and Prodigy, it’s a visual and aural feast even in today’s HD, surround-sound video game world. Sure, the graphics look pixelated and the colours unshaded today (I’m talking about the Playstation 1 version), but in no other game have I experienced the same adrenaline rush and thumb-ache from speeding through hairpin race tracks and harassing opponents with mines and missiles. I actually think it’s better than later versions of the Wipeout line.

Polygons? Textures? Shading? Bah… Clever Psygnosis, for figuring out what really matters in a racing game – good design, great soundtrack, and lots of speed.

Sony’s Beautiful 8″ Notebook

This is by far the most beautiful mini notebook I’ve seen to date. Sony’s done an incredible design job with it’s new P series notebooks that fit in your pocket.

It’s a tough call between the P series at SGD 1,299 and the Asus Eee PC 901 at SGD 628, or even the Eee PC 900 at SGD 488 (latest prices on 12 Jan 09) if you don’t mind the non-atom processor.

Here’s my take:

If you’re after style, specs and super-portability, I think the P series wins it, so get ready to hand over SGD 1.3k and stuff a tiny notebook into the back pocket of your jeans.

if you’re on a budget and looking for a netbook to travel with, that you’ll be less afraid to bump around, bring to dodgier parts of the world, possibly drop and maybe even lose while travelling, then the Eee PC will burn a smaller hole in your pocket for your carelessness, and it might actually mean you’ll bring it around more and get more use out of it.

But the Sony is so much more beautiful, and we’re just going to end up buying that, aren’t we?…

Incredibly Stylish

Hats off to Paul Christopher of Plussixfive for spotting this incredibly stylish camera case for the Canon G Series, designed by Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro. How often do you come across a camera case you’d be happy to carry around, with or without the camera?

Mark Rothko X Bob Marley Mobile Phone Wallpapers

Our friends at Assembly have released a collection of rather Rothko-esque tie-dyed mobile phone wallpapers to bring a little cheer to a recession-hit holiday season. Take your pick and put some love and peace on your phone.

You can download the wallpapers here.

“Everything’s gonna be alright…” – Bob Marley An easier way to find cheap games

Our friends at Deepcalm have just released a test of Priicr, their brand new search engine for video games. It’s the best video game price comparison engine we’ve seen so far and we love the simplicity of its design. To the point: search for cheap games, save money.

It only searches UK game retailers at the moment, so lucky you if you’re in the United Kingdom. If not, please give it a spin anyway and let them know what you think.

Long-lived Franchises


Talk about a long-lived franchise! I’m not referring to the Gundam franchise, although that’s been around for about 30 years now. I’m talking about 三国演义 (pinyin: sānguó yǎnyì), or Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a classic piece of Chinese historical literature written in the 14th century, making it 700 years old and still going strong!

The figure in question above is a character from BB Senshi Sangokuden, a new anime and toy series by Bandai/Sunrise, the makers of Gundam, mashing up one of its own franchises, SD Gundam (Super Deformed Gundam, or mecha expressed in cute, squashed propotions) with the story line and characters from the classic Chinese novel.

That’s intellectual property from 700 years ago (incidentally, depicting historical events from about 1,800 years ago) still getting remixed today. Eat your heart out, Mickey Mouse!

Are we still creating IP legacies that will last for millenia?